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Imagine thousands of individual cash exchanges all over the world

Crypto to Cash worldwide transfers

Quick. Safe. Anonymous.

Safe and secure deals

No unwanted personal meeting; guaranteed by the presence of escrow services.

AET terminal

Automated escrow terminal.

Desktop and mobile apps

User friendly design interface; Desktop and mobile markets.

Cash exchange

Buy and sell crypto for cash.

Win-Win-Win business model

Escrow earn on fees; buyer and seller get to deal safely in cash.

Token demand

Escrow needs tokens to run business; Lower fees with tokens.

Why we love CryptoCasher

We prevent losing money due to inflation

No banks needed

We bring cryptocurrency closer to real world

We bank unbanked people

We are fanatics of cryptocurrency

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Facts from press

Denmark's Biggest Bank Bans Trades In Cryptocurrencies

Danske Bank is one of the most innovative banks in the Nordic region, but one innovation it isn't going to be backing is cryptocurrencies. The Danish Bank said this week that it would not allow the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on its trading platforms and was strongly recommending that customers refrained from investing... Read More

Bitcoin Can Bring Respite to Africa’s Inflation Problem

Inflation runs high in Africa and bitcoin could be a potential alternative to regional currencies. African central banks have consistently followed policies that have eroded the purchasing power of their citizen’s money. As a result, bitcoin will offer Africans a choice and another option for money as a store of value... Read More

How Inflation Is Stealing Your Money: Can Cryptocurrency Solve Inflation on a Global Scale?

Inflation is one of those read-the-small-print kind of taxes that people don’t often think about even though it can have a major impact on their finances and, thereby, on their lives. Rising long-term inflation is more insidious than you might think because it can... Read More

South Korean Businessman Loses US$2.3 Million in Bitcoin-Fiat P2P Scam

An offline peer-to-peer exchange of bitcoin to fiat turned sour for a South Korean businessman after it emerged that the euros he had swapped for his cryptocurrency holdings were fake. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Singapore-based South Korean businessman who runs a cryptocurrency firm... Read More

Earn with CryptoCasher

Become a cash trader

Buy crypto in cash
Wait for better price
Sell crypto for cash
Take your profit in cash

Become an arbitrage trader

Buy cheaper on exchange
Sell better price in cash
Earn profit in cash

Become an escrow service

Apply for escrows service
Earn on transaction fees
Get new visitors to local business
Take your profit in cash

Become a CC Traveller

Look for prices in different countries
Buy crypto cheaper
Travel and sell it for cash
Spend your profit


Q4. 2017

Core team building, market research, preparation of technical documentation, whitepaper, website and smart contract development

Q3. 2018

Whitelist and token pre-sale

Q4. 2018

Token main sale

Q1. 2019

Product development

Q3. 2019

Desktop & mobile beta launch, testing & bug bounty, agents hire for involving new escrows

Q4. 2019

Main-net release & marketing campaign. CRR tokens buy/sell availability to the masses

Q1. 2020

AET launch and testing in real conditions

Q2. 2020

AET network expansion, first 10 terminals installation (location is based on analytics data of app)


Global expansion and improvements

CRR Token circulation in CryptoCasher ecosystem

Token distribution

All 75 million tokens issued by us will be distributed in the following way:

Use of funds

The key expenses for these funds collected are follows:

How to buy CRR tokens



1 Register your account here

2 Fill the KYC form

3 Wait for whitelisted status

4 Send ETH to contract address

Tokens will automatically sent back to your ETH wallet



1 Register your account here

2 Send ETH to contract address

3 Balance will be updated soon

4 Withdraw you tokens anytime

After KYC form is filled, you can withdraw tokens anytime you want

CryptoCasher is a company registered in Estonia

CryptoCasher team consists of highly skilled professionals with multiple years of pat experience in the field. Core team members were all born in Estonian and our head office is located also in Estonia. As stated by many publications, Estonia is in top five most Crypto-Friendly Countries in Europe.

According to Funderbeam Start-up Investment Report, Estonia is third in Europe regarding the highest number of start-ups per capital. Estonia’s current generation of entrepreneurs have built internationally successful companies like Skype, Pipedrive, Taxify, GrabCad, Change, Teleport, Skeleton Technologies and Starship Technologies.

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